About Us

Education for Life is a division of SILPNG. Our aim is to empower PNG students in the formal education by enhancing their learning with digital technology

By working together with educational organizations in PNG, we strive to bring great digital learning resources to the students in PNG. With the coming of Android technology in PNG, multimedia is now available to many.

Whether it’s on their phone or on their tablet, multimedia can now enhance learning in many ways.

  • By using this technology we can bring the spoken word to English education. By listening to stories, students and teachers can learn the right pronunciation of English


The digital resources that we produce will are available for Bloom Reader. The Bloom Reader App is only available for Android (not iPhone), and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and installed on any Android phone or tablet (Android version 4.4 and above). It’s also possible to share to app with friends from ‘phone to phone’.